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Greg Saville, AlterNation

Greg runs AlterNation LLC, an international consulting firm specializing in SafeGrowth, security and safety in communities around the world. He can be contacted at gregorysaville@gmail.com 

Greg is a former police officer and is currently an urban planner specializing in CPTED and Safe Growth methods. He co-founded the International CPTED Association and in the 1990s was a partner in Canada's first consulting firm to specialize in CPTED. He currently is co-owner of AlterNation, an international consulting firm dedicated to safer places and helping change agents transform their world for the better.

In 2007 he created the SafeGrowth program for neighborhood safety and launched the model at the UN Habitat program in Santiago, Chile as well as SafeGrowth training with the New York based Local Initiatives Support Corporation in cities across the U.S.