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Dr. Sean E. Michael, PhD, Utah State University

Sean hails from the East Coast, but calls the rolling Palouse countryside of Washington and Idaho “home”.  He and his family are avid explorers of Pacific Northwest landscapes and waterways, and holds to J.B. Jackson’s adage that "speed [helps us to] re-establish a responsiveness -- almost an intimacy -- with a more spacious, less tangible aspect of nature."

Dr. Sean E. Michael is Professor and Department Head of Landscape Architecture and Environmental Planning at Utah State University.  He holds a PhD is in outdoor recreation, with his research addressing impacts from and deterrence of crime in urban parks, stressing offender behavior and spatial preferences coupled with multi-disciplinary strategies.  A security design consultant, he publishes and speaks to local, state and international audiences on the topic.  He is author of the first CPTED training program for landscape architects, entitled “Security Design: Strategy, Integration and Liability (see www.asla.org), and maintains a Web site on CPTED (www.thecptedpage.wsu.edu).

Current efforts include work on the security component of the draft Sustainable Sites Initiative report, the landscape component of LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design).