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Cindy Granard, Seattle Police Department Sergeant

As a child, Sergeant Granard felt somewhat conflicted when asked if she would prefer to visit an art museum or watch a crime show on TV.  Entering college as an art major, she later transferred to a criminal justice program for the career that she felt was her true calling.  Sergeant Granard embraced Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design (CPTED) because of the preventative safety aspects and inclusion of aesthetics to beautify community spaces, thereby uniting her two interests: art and police work.  Sergeant Granard, during her 24-year career in law enforcement, has worked a variety of assignments such as patrol, community policing, bicycles, 911 Center, and the evidence unit along with various undercover details for the narcotic and vice units. 

In her personal time, Sergeant Granard enjoys the company of her two teenage children and festive friends, riding her Harley Davidson Road King motorcycle, gardening, working out and creative activities such as belly dancing and fictional writing.

Currently, Sergeant Granard is working with an active community group called the Rainier Othello Safety Association (R.O.S.A.), which is located in the southeast area of Seattle.  In 2007, R.O.S.A. won the Special Strategy Award: Community Aesthetics from the MetLife Foundation.  Included in the police-community partnership efforts, was the implementation of several CPTED concepts.  This project began many years ago and continues to be a positive work in progress.